© Angel Fernandez Flores, MD, PhD Myopericytoma




Aka pericytoma.


Tumor differentited towards perivascular myoid cells (pericytes).

Clinical presentation

Usually a nodule, commonly on the distal lower limb.



A wide morphologic spectrum. This probably will d to a segregation of several entities in this century.

- Lesions similar to myofibromatosis.
- Similar to glomus tumors (glomangiopericytoma).
- Similar to angioleiomyoma.

Commonly well cyrcunscribed.
Solid areas and vascular channels.
Hemangiopericytois pattern (at least focally).
No atypia.
Concentric arrangement of cells around vessels is typical.
Cases with pale cytoplasm and punch-out central nuclei, similar to glomangioma, are called glomangiopericytomas.






SMA+, desmin-, caldesmon+, CD34 can be focally positive.



Main differentials

Angioleiomyoma: SMA+, desmin +.

Glomus tumor: more uniform cells.


© Angel Fernandez Flores, MD, PhD