© Angel Fernandez Flores, MD, PhD Folliculosebaceous cystic hamartoma

Folliculosebaceous cystic hamartoma


Clinical presentation

Solitary skin-colored papules or nodules, several milimiters in diameter, on the face (especially on the nose), or head. Middle-age or older persons.



Mainly confined to the dermis. Hypodermis can be exceptionally involved..



Infundibular cystic structure.



Attached to the cystic structure, there are numerous sebaceous lobules via sebaceous ducts.



Compact laminated fibroplasia around the epithelial component.



Fibrillary bundles of collagen. Adipocytes in the stroma can be found.

Increased number of small venules.



Clefts between the fibroepithelial units and the stroma.



Main differentials

Trichofoliiculoma: no mesenchimal changes. No clefts. No compression of the peritumoral tissue.


© Angel Fernandez Flores, MD, PhD